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2012-6-18 AEM Infinity-10

Created on Monday, 18 June 2012 16:13

FSR will be introducing AEM's new Infinity-10 EMS!


2012-6-18:  We have currently tested the Infinity-10 on 9 different Supra's.  From the first time we put the Infinty 10 on a car until today, the cars have run extremely well!  Most of the changes have been in the software, firmware bugs, and ironing out application integration issues.  The VE fuel calculation works very well and so far seems to be extremely accurate.  By changing injector size and engine size, the Infinity 10 calculates a pulsewidth that is remarkably accurate given a reasonable VE table.  Another area where we have found much improvement is idle control.

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FSR Power Selector Demo

Created on Tuesday, 06 September 2011 16:06



Watch this demo of our new FSR Power Selector.  It is a 12 position switch that allows for your FSR installed AEM EMS Series 2 to switch between tunes on the fly.  No laptops, no connecting, no loading, no boost controllers or meth to fiddle with.  Simply select your horsepower and put the pedal down.  This allows for a host of pre-tuned adjustments just by turning the dial; we can bring in meth injection, adjust the boost setting, fuel mapping, and ignition timing.  We can also control nitrous, race gas mapping, along with many other options.  Contact us today to get the Power Selector setup in your car!

FSR AEM Power Switch Demo and Dyno

Created on Tuesday, 08 March 2011 16:58



Have a look at this video which demonstrates the gains possible when removing a piggyback setup and installing an AEM EMS Series 2 tuned by FSR.  Further, we integrate meth injection and our own "Power Switch" which allows the driver to toggle between an economical, smooth running calibration or an aggressive performance setting which changes the boost control, brings in the methanol injection, and compensates with alternate fuel and timing maps, all at the flip of a switch.  Want these sweet features?  No problem, give us a call:  909.949.0550

AEM Series 2 EMS Now Available from FSR!

Created on Thursday, 23 September 2010 17:53

FSR and Tuning

Created on Tuesday, 09 February 2010 21:12

FSR offers flexible tuning for almost any type of vehicle.  We can take care of your hot rod with a carburetor; we've got a full assortment of rods and jets in stock and ready to tune your carb'd vehicle for good economy and great power.  We offer full mapping of almost any stand alone, be it DFI, GEMS, AEM, Electromotive, Haltech, ProEFI or whatever system of your choosing.  In addition, we have piggyback solutions for those on budget constraints such as the AEM FIC, MAP2 ECU, and Simple Digital Systems units.  We have plug and play programmers for your tow vehicle or diesel truck.   Lastly, we offer flash tuning for Domestic v8's and Subaru/Mitsubishi/Nissan.  So let us help you take control of your engine, and get it tuned for the way the vehicle will be used.  With our significant racing and dyno tuning experience with everything from off road race trucks, dune buggys, carb'd hot rods, or modern turbocharged performance cars, FSR has got you covered!  Please click here to read an in depth article on the FSR installed and tuned AEM EMS, and some of the functions that may benefit your project car or truck.