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Dyno Tuning Part 1: Comparisons

Created on Thursday, 25 October 2012 16:12

In the first part of this Series we're going to show you some dyno charts of cars we tune.  We'll point out some interesting things, explain some of the part combos that net great results, and which combos sometimes don't.  We'll also defunct some myths about dyno's and dyno tuning!

A note about octane, and maxing cars out:  Most of the charts you'll see following are not maxed out.  We do and will max out turbos or setups!  However, here are some limitations that we face on a regular basis:

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2012-7-28 Infintys In Stock Ready for Install

Created on Saturday, 28 July 2012 23:13

Infinity EMS's are in stock ready to go!  As one of the few shops authorized to sell, tune, and install the Infinity EMS, we are excited to have some of the very first units in stock and ready for your Supra TT Racecar!  Several of these are spoken for already, but before we started installing these bad boys, we wanted to snap a few pictures of them with a stack of the still going strong Series 2 units that we install and tune so often.  The units in this picture are getting installed and tuned, not going on eBay!  If you are interested an in an Infinity EMS, the pricing is below, and email us for a quote including installation and tuning.  

Here are prices and part numbers:

  • AEM 30-7100 AEM Infinity 10 PNP Supra TT Box:  $2349.95
  • AEM 30-3500 AEM Infinity 10 PNP Supra TT Jumper Harness:  $299.95
  • AEM 30-2961 AEM Infinity 10 Molded IP67 Spec Comms Cable $30.24
  • AEM 30-3600 AEM Infinity 10 PNP o2 Extension Harness $83.59

Purchase your Infinity kit here


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AEM Infinity Press Release

Created on Wednesday, 25 July 2012 18:02

The following is the official AEM Press Release on the Infinity Stand Alone EMS.  We are one of the only certified resellers of this brand new EMS. To purchase yours



AEM Introduces the Infinity EMS

Cutting Edge Engine Management Software Architecture — Running on Lightning Fast, State-of-the-Art Hardware

July 25th, 2012, Hawthorne, CA—AEM has released the Infinity Programmable Engine Management System for race vehicles.

The Infinity’s primary automotive MCU is a 200 MHz, 32 bit processor with a math co-processor. It is able to process 400 MIPS. It includes up to 12 peak and hold injector drivers and up to 12 ignition outputs. Infinity’s USB technology downloads up to 480 Mb/second. The enclosure and connectors are sealed and suitable for engine bay mounting. It features a fully-sealed IP67 rated connection system.

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2012-7-14 Infinity-10 For Sale

Created on Saturday, 14 July 2012 16:54

We have an exciting update for the Infinity-10!  Pricing has been released and the Infinity-10 will be available through just a few select Beta testers right away.  Of course, we are one of those beta testers and have almost certainly tested the Infinty-10 on more Supra's than anyone else, being that we typically have 10+ Supra's in varying state's of tune at any one time in the shop.  To be clear, the Infinity-10 doesn't replace the Series 2, it is marketed as one level up, a different model line.  As a top of the line box, it comes packed with very robust hardware, a completely new software platform, and will continue to grow and have features added over the next year or two.

 What makes the Infinity-10 different from the series 2?  To begin with, the Series 2 was an evolution of the Series 1.  A lot of the hardware and logic was transferred from the Series 1 to Series 2 boxes, albeit update.  AEM Tuner was a new program that was more powerful, flexible, and user friendly.  As it sits right now, we have extremely impressive reliability with the Series 2 boxes, and incredible stability from AEM Tuner software.  We use it dyno tuning every day and it doesn't freeze, crash, have connection issues, or other quirks.  That said, the Infinity-10 is a completely new platform both hardware and software wise.  By switching to a true VE based fueling, the fuel calculation will be more accurate, more of the time.  The changes in fuel based on trims will be applied to the VE table; meaning that the Infinity-10 will better compensate for changes in atmospheric conditions, and rely less on feedback to keep mixtures perfect.

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FSR tests the new AEM Wideband Failsafe

Created on Saturday, 30 June 2012 23:30

FSR introduces the AEM Wideband Failsafe.  Watch this video to see how it works and why you want it.  Purchase your Wideband Failsafe from us here.