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Video: FSR Supra Package Featuring ProEFI

Created on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 15:33


Here's a short video of an FSR Built Supra.  It features all of the things we find make an awesome street car.  Our philosophy for a street car keeps things very simple, reliable, driveable, and FAST!  On a stock 100k motor, we installed our basic FSR cast manifold turbo kit with a 3" exhaust, 6466 CEA turbo, SMAX FMIC, FSR Stage 2 fuel system, ProEFI 128 Engine Management, and a built auto.  We set the customer up with a CAN gauge, flex fuel, and traction control.  The result, 750whp on a stock motor through a built Toyota auto.  The car is 100% docile on the street and drives like a stock car.  With 5 on the fly selectable power settings, the customer can be within 50whp of a stock car with similar spool or turn it up to 750whp with $3.50/gallon E85!

Here is the dyno chart as the car came in.  Turbos were getting tired and he was running 17psi as you can see on the dyno chart: 

The first thing we did was install our ProEFI Supra package on the car with a stock fuel system, stock twins, and basic bolts ons.  The result?  A huge increase in power and torque while maintaining the perfect driveability and transmission control that we require.  The dyno sheet below is 91 octane back to back with only a change in engine management.

The next thing we did was install our basic cast manifold turbo kit with the only upgrade being a Precision 6466 CEA bb turbo instead of the standard 6266 CEA.  Still on pump gas, and running slightly less boost than the stock turbos, we made about 60whp more than the stock twins with a great powerband.  The spool all but matches the stock twins and makes lots more power up top.

Once we got the cast kit installed and working, we were ready to turn it up!  All the extra airflow requires more fuel of course, so we turned to the FSR stage 2 E85 fuel system.  This fuel system is the answer to most of the problems that we've seen over the last ten years of installing every fuel system you can imagine.  As usually, we take a slightly different approach that keeps things more simple, cleaner, and has headroom!  With twin E85 416 Walbro pumps and FIC 1100cc injectors, we knew we'd have room to move and we are not pushing anything to the limit which, to us, is unacceptable for reliability reasons on a daily driver.

The results speak for themselves.  There are no ebay parts, no china-made parts, no gimmicks, just reliable horspeower when you put your foot into it.  With E85 and the super quick spool turbo kit, spool is all but as good as the stock twins and on the top end it carries about 400 horsepower to the wheels more the a bolt on Supra Twin Turbo!

This shows an overlay of the 5 different power settings (before we turned it up to make the 750whp):

For the the more reliable, powerful, quick spooling turbo kit for your street or race 2jz-GTE, stick with FSR's proven combination of parts.  Call or email us today for deals too low to advertise!  909.949.0550 and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .