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AEM Series 2 Update - Flex

Created on Wednesday, 01 May 2013 17:18


AEM has come out with a really comprehensive update for their Series 2 EMS.  It allows us to run a variety of new features:

  • Flex Fuel:  Flex fuel and ignition maps, flex o2 fb map, flex boost target tables, starting tables, accel tables, warm up tables.  This will also utilize a standard GM fuel composition sensor and has Freq. based input meaning it does not require any converter boxes or 0-5v signal generators.  Wire the flex fuel sender directly to your series 2!
  • Lean Protection:  Load and RPM based lean protection for use with your wideband input.  It also has a configurable output signal.
  • Fuel Pressure Protection: The series 2 can now look at fuel pressure as an input and shut down the engine if fuel pressure isn't maintained within a configurable window.
  • Oil Pressure Protection:  There is a user configurable oil pressure limit table which establishes the minimum allowable oil pressure based on engine speed.
  • Coolant Temp Protection:  Configurable maximum engine RPM based on coolant temperature to prevent engine damage on a cold or hot motor.
  • Knock Control:  Individual cylinder based knock windowing and knock control.  If a single cylinder detects knock, ignition and fuel trims are applied directly and only to the offending cylinder.  This is cruicial for pump gas street cars running boost!  Modern forced induction motors are making 400-700 horsepower with small engines due to the advancements in knock control at WOT, and this is a step in the right direction.
  • Spare temp/pressure inputs:  We use these inputs for oil temperature, pre-intercooler IAT, among other helpful channels for your race car utilizing the onboard logging.
  • 3 step rev limiter:  VSS and gear based 3 step rev limiting to help traction limited cars. 
  • Boost target trim:  User selectable analog input for boost target trim INCLUDING RPM based boost targets which will allow us to trickle in additional boost at high RPM for traction limited cars, or engines where too much torque can lift the head or hurt the rods in the midrange.  This also helps for octane limited cars where we reach the knock threshold in the midrange but can add more power in up top.

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