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Product Spotlight: Radium Engineering Fuel Supply

Created on Friday, 19 December 2014 18:32

We had a chance to shoot a few questions over to Aaron Suchy, co-founder of Radium Engineering.  We've seen their product line grow over the last couple years and frequently use their top quality parts on a variety of in house builds.  We asked him to give us an update on how things are going, and address some frequently asked questions about Radium products, as well as where things are headed.

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One of the nice things about the Radium Surge Tanks are their essentially universal fitment.  Because they are not make/model specific, they've found their way into a wide variety of street and race cars.  Radium sells a spectrum of differently sized and configured surge tanks which makes mounting solutions easier given different space limitations you might run into.  If you are looking to install a surge tank in your car and want to explore options, just give us a call (909.949.0550) and we can give you some ideas.  Some of the surge tanks have been able to be hidden in the trunk to where you would never see them.

 In addition to their substantial line of fuel surge tank systems, Radium has continued to develop platform and engine specific fuel rails, catch can kits, and fuel pressure regulators for use on a variety of popular aftermarket applications.  As one example, we love to use their Radium adjustable fuel pressure regulator.  It is unique in that it is specifically designed for use in the multiple pump systems and we so often use in our world of E85 fed cars.  Here's a short blurb on its design and functionality:

"The arrangement of the AFPR ports are different than any other regulator. Every FPR on the market directs the return port downwards out the bottom of the unit. This makes it limited to wall mounting and difficult to nearly impossible to mount the FPR to a floor. Furthermore, the return port requires a 90 degree elbow which are expensive and not always available with a swivel option. We took this port and converted it into a "return chamber" (bottom port shown above) that runs in-line with the high pressure ports. The chamber is threaded at each end for 9/16"-18 (-6AN). This allows the regulator to be easily floor mounted, such as in a trunk near a surge tank, without any 90 degree hose-end fittings. The installer can choose to connect the return line to either end of the return chamber making the AFPR suitable for their installation. Unless there is a need to use two -6AN return hoses, the opposite end is blocked off using the included plug(s)."

Radium also has been hitting the track lately with race cars using their fuel delivery products.  Track testing is what allows Radium to keep pushing the envelope and develop new products that will provide solutions for race teams around the world.  Check out Radium's blog to see updates on their racing ventures here:  http://radiumauto.com/media/blog-page.php?Who-s-Drifting-with-Radium-in-2013-80


"Our sponsorship program primarily revolves around professional drifting, but we also support quite a few in time attack and road racing.
We gravitated toward drifting early on because it was such a great fit for our fuel starvation products, and they have shown to work very well and interest from all levels of drifting has skyrocketed over the past few years.
Team Professional Awesome is another one of our partners with their time attack Evo 8. They have been extremely successful in their campaign.
For 2015 we have been working with Jerry Yang who is building the pro  FD car for Kenji Yamanaka (S15 silvia with Dodge NASCAR V8) who is making his debut in US drifting. And we have some other talks in the works as well.
We also sponsor a large variety of amateur competitors and help them work their way up.
We value all feedback from our competition partners and often their feedback leads to new products or product improvements."


Click here to check out our webstore where we've been adding Radium products to our offerings.  We have a full line available, just email us for a quote!