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Shift S3ctor Airstrip Attack

Created on Tuesday, 18 December 2012 19:55

Last month we headed out to Coalinga to race at the Shift S3ctor Airstrip attack event.  We brought our turbo M3 as well as a client's Toyota Supra with our Cast manifold turbo kit sporting 900whp.  It was an absolutely fantastic event and we had a great time helping out where we could and also meeting some new faces in both the Supra and M3 world.  A variety of cars showed, with there being a substantial contingent of turbo E46 M3's, E92's and 1 series, a few Supras, blown vettes, Turbo Ford GT's, a UGR TT Lambo, and lots of turbo Porsche's.

The way the Shift S3ctor events work is that a long strip of pavement, 1/2 mile or longer is available for head to head racing.  The cars come around the corner and around 50mph match up, then both accelerate at a set of cones.  Most of the drivers keep their cool and don't jump.  The track was dry and smooth but dusty and pretty slippery with wind blowing loose sand onto the track.  Almost every car there was traction limited, so we saw many "slower cars" take down big hp builds. Of course AWD was a huge advantage and the GTR's are always a threat at any speed or under any condition!

Depending on gearing, some of the cars were rolling into it in second gear, and some in third.  It was a balancing act of gear ratio, spool up, and traction; hit it too hard in second and the power comes on hard, the car spins, and then bogs into third.  Roll into it in third going too slow or without brake boosting and if you have any turbo lag you can bet the big displacement cars will set you back a length or two.

Most races were decided in the first 1/8 mile.  Big hp cars that weren't set up or didn't have traction control were just spinning hard and didn't have enough time to make up the distance.  It used to be that with roll on racing driver skill and traction are largely taken out of the equation, but these days cars are making so much power that a quick 2/3 or 3/4 shift and both mechanical traction and or traction control is an absolute must!

FSR's Turbo E46 M3 was there but not racing (yet) as was Frank's 900whp Supra with our Cast Manifold bolt on turbo kit.

Unfortunately, the Supra made more power than the new clutch could handle; on setting 1 it makes just 550whp and held just fine.  As soon as we turned it up, the 875 ft/lbs ripped past the clutch's capacity with ferocious speed.  It ended our day early but did free us up to help out some of the other E46 M3 Turbo guys get theirs cars sorted.

While our Supra's motor outran its clutch, Ben's car outran his brakes, and Kenton outran just about everyone.  Marcus' car outran his tires.

It was great to meet some of the guys and see their hard work and dedication to the platform turn into some kills on the track.  We were also lucky enough to have an opportunity to help Marcus dial in his traction control.

Look for a writeup coming soon on the ProEFI traction control and how it helped Marcus' car from blowing off the tires to blowing the doors off a lot of fast cars.  In short, by the end of the event the car was just on the edge of traction with the rear wheels a few mph faster than the front... for the entire pull through 6th gear!  Now THAT is when you know you need more tire!