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Big Willow Springs Track Day, E46 Turbo

Created on Wednesday, 17 December 2014 00:25

We headed up to Willow Springs Raceway, also known as "the fastest road in the West" to do some track testing and tuning with Kenton's E46 M3 Turbo.  The session proved useful to shake down some issues and also spend some time making sure the tune, power delivery, and thermal management was on point.  What we found out was that an E46 is a great track car, and a turbo E46 is a really fast track car!

Click below for more pictures of our track day!

We're lucky to have so many road race circuits near our shop.  After an early drive up to the track from the valley, we started to get excited when we pulled in to find the lot full of awesome cars that were going to be pushed to their (or their drivers') limits.

Track days tend to bring out well sorted cars and drivers who are looking for their cars to perform in multiple disciplines, so its natural to find a lot of Porsche and BMW vehicles out there.  It's always fun to see some oddball cars that people have devoted tremendous time and energy into being track-worthy cars, but the majority of the cars we see are cars that are natural track performers that we have the luxury of "enhancing".

The horseshoe section of the track has a big elevation gain and loss, where the cars like to get light as they rotate at the top of the corner, clip the apex and drop down into a sweeping fast left hand turn.  With the car making around 700whp for the track setting, the result is...

...the laptop going for a ride while the tuner fights the dizziness from the pits!

It was cool to see a bunch of the new M3/M4 cars out there.  They are quiet, fast, and well sorted out of the box.  It looks like the chassis and brakes are well suited for track use, so we're planning on putting lots of power in.

The E36, now a modern classic, has got to be one of the best entry level track cars that can be built to go just as fast as you're willing to go!  For their low entry price, they've got a fantastic chassis backed by a good motor and transmission and can get you out on the track having a great time for not much investment.

If you're interested in heading out to the track, just shoot us an email and we'll get you set up!  We also offer race preparation, chassis setup, and even driving instruction by one of our racing pro's!