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FSR @ Super Street Shootout 1/2 Mile Invite

Created on Wednesday, 10 December 2014 00:51

We were invited to Super Street's half mile challenge, so we sent a couple of our favorite cars.  Frank's brought his white six speed Supra with our off the shelf Street Fighter Turbo Kit, stage 1 fuel system, FSR built motor, and exemplary Proefi 128 ECU.  Kenton brought his beautiful red E46 M3 turbo 6 speed featuring a Lab 22 turbo kit, 71mm billet CEA Precision Turbo, AEM Infinity Stand alone, built motor and supporting modifications.  In attendance were numerous powerful GTR's, a couple liter bikes, BBI's awesome 911 turbo, among other notable airport flyers.

Read on to see how it went!

Here are some excerpts from Frank's race report.

"It ended up being a FBO 2015 GTR, brand new Mclaren 12c, BBI's "King Kong" 1500hp 911tt, a couple supercharged Mustangs, a 997.1 Big Twin Turbo Porsche, and a new M3.  They also brought a Kawasaki ZX14 and they said they were going to use it to run a few cars and get some good video... more on that later."

"So runs/videoing started they got us all doing a slow runway cruise with all the cars lined up across the entire runway. Then cars got going one by one, I tested setting 5 and did one log which is attached, car seemed to be running well. wheel speed shows me getting up to 177 that run and i managed to brake in time (pads were still fresh) and the 177 was backed up later with vboxes they started putting in the cars. I ran Kenton once early on before he got his ethanol percentage up, i think he was at 70% and i was very clearly pulling him but missed 5th. We would run again later in the day after lunch with him at around 75ish% and he did get me that second time, the whole day our vbox numbers were very very close, I did around 13? runs with more than half staying in it to the cones (which was very...scary lol) and managed a low of 176mph to a high of 179.1mph making me tie with Kenton, he also ran a 179.1 as his fastest and also had runs ranging around there. besides the king kong Porsche we were the fastest out there today (Porsche managed multiple high 190 runs before finally laying down a 201.7 @ 27psi....btw they drove it up from bbi in Huntington Beach and that thing is RIDICULOUSLY loud)."

"Other than that the only semi-close race was against ken's 997 which is at almost every event. We left evenly with me on setting 4, flipped it over to 5 with him about 2 cars ahead and pulled past him hard and finished that run with a 178. He was very impressed."

"The car ran strong all day and so did Kenton's car, that thing is ridiculously fast and definitely makes all the power advertised. The zx14 was racing the king kong porsche all day and was getting destroyed so I finally decided to run it and that was the most fun i had all day. I ran the zx14 a total of 6 times, with 3 times going to him by the time we reached the cones and 3 times going to me. On every run by the time we reached the cones I was coming up on him very very fast. I would punch it in 2nd at 50mph and he would jump ahead by probably 2-3 car lengths and from there up to the full 1/2 mile I would reel him in every time, they had 6 go pros shooting all of that so we should be seeing some super good footage, the guy loved racing me so much he kept coming back asking to race me again. I never thought i could be pulling a 1400cc sportbike so hard!!!! Braking started getting hairy and I was repeatedly using the entire braking zone including the run-off area to slow down and turn around, brakes are cooked and completely done. I need to change them before the next event in november, it's really JUST enough braking room for the speeds i get up to and if i didn't let them cool enough between runs, going off the end again is a very real danger (they dug ditches and have plants back there now!!)" -Frank