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FSR 2JZGTE Street Fighter Turbo Kit
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FSR 2JZGTE Street Fighter Turbo Kit

Price: $2 ,700.00

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1100+whp dyno proven FSR Street Fighter Supra cast manifold turbo kit includes the following:

SMAX ported Supra cast manifold, short stud kit
Choice of Garrett, Precision billet, or COMP billet turbo (base turbo is 750whp capable 6266)
Choice of turbo size: 60mm-80mm
Optional dual ball bearing or triple ball bearing
Wastegate Precision 46mm (Upgraded Turbosmart Hypergate45 also available)
SS TIG welded downpipe w/ one (1) standard O2 bung and dump tube with v-band flange and clamps
Optional upgrade to 4” downpipe/midpipe
4" 6061 TIG welded Mandrel bent intake tube with AEM Filter
SS braided oil feed and return lines

The FSR Street Fighter cast manifold turbo kits are the most reliable, best street turbo kits on the market. Make no mistake; despite the price this is a high quality turbo kit with high quality components that we've been developing for over 6 years now!   Supra single turbo kits, or supra single turbo conversions are a great way to drop weight and complexity from your car, as well as add horsepower and reliability. Further, they’re much easier to work on, install and remove, or swap turbos if you want to change the power characteristics for your vehicle. Call us with any questions about sizing the single turbo setup for your Supra!

FSR has been installing and tuning cast manifold turbo kits for over 6 years now, including racing on a professional level in Fredric Aasbo’s FD Supra. We have not had a single failure, and this is due to using a well developed, high quality turbo kit with components from brand name manufacturers that stand behind their products.

The Manifold:

Cast Manifold2

Why a cast manifold, why OUR cast manifold?  Our cast manifold has enormous runners and ports with over double the volume of other cast manifold kits on the market. It also is flow formed for smooth transitions and a big open collector. We port every manifold to flow the same as the ones you've seen making 1100 or more wheel horsepower.  Secondly, the wastegate placement, porting and modifications we do, along with the standard equipment high quality brand name wastegates we use mean that we can hold as low as ten pounds of boost with the standard 40mm wastegate!   For those of you that want to keep the wastegate hidden, we have a stealth mounting option available.  Also, our cast manifold makes installation and removal a breeze; we include a hardware kit that will get everything bolted up for you in a hurry. The cast manifold will direct more of the heat from the exhaust into the turbo which means more exhaust energy is focused on the turbine. That means quicker spool and more power! Lastly, we have not had a single failure with our exhaust manifold. The stock like installation goes along with the quality installs that you’ve come to know from FSR.

The Turbo:


We recommend Precision's line of excellent CEA billet turbochargers.  They are cost effective, spool well, and make incredible horsepower especially for their size. DBB upgrades get you quicker transient response and 300-400RPM quicker spool up.  Our turbo kit can fit either the standard S or SP cover or the larger H and HP cover. Any Precision turbo up to the venerable 7675 will fit our kit.

We offer as an option a variety  of COMP billet turbochargers as well.  If you chose a COMP turbo we recommend taking advantage of their excellent Triplex triple ball bearing system.  They have beautiful machined billet aluminum center sections and offer fantastic spool up and low operating resistance.  We offer the COMP turbo in 62-80mm sizes and have consistently had great performance from them under a variety of circumstances.

We also offer a Garrett based locally built turbo in sizes from 60mm all the way up to 76mm.  These locally built Garrett based turbos offer a high performance standard at an incredibly cost effective rate, and come with the same manufacturer warranty as the COMP and PTE turbos.  We've been using these turbos on various builds for ten years, and we wouldn't sell anything that doesn't make great horsepower reliably.  Call us at 909-949-0550 to have your kit priced with a Garrett turbo.

The Wastegate:


The FSR Street Fighter cast manifold turbo kit includes the exemplary Precision 46mm wastegate.  The base turbo kit comes with the Precision 46mm for several reasons:  Precision offers some of the best wastegates on the market.  Performance wise, the Precision 46mm will hold as low as 10 pounds of boost to redline, so going to a larger, heavier wastegate is not helpful and will not make more horsepower!  However, if you are using a larger 67-80mm turbo and want to hold low boost for pump gas, you can always step up to a Turbosmart Hypergate 45mm which flows more than the Precision 46mm and shares the same flange as the Tial 44 and Precision 46mm.  Typically, the Turbosmart wastegate, being a premium product (and not china made!) is a little bit more expensive than other brands.  With our great relationship with Precision, we offer this wastegate in our kit for less than other options.

The Hardware:

We include top quality hardware and fittings all around:  We have crimped SS braided teflon AN feed and return lines.  High quality adapters for oil fittings.  We also include American made and billet machined T4 oil return flanges and JZ oil pan flanges that are both one piece.  To give you an example of the quality we demand; these billet oil return flanges bolt to the turbo (or the oil pan) and have machined -10AN male fittings built in; most companies use cheap cast chinese 1/2npt female fittings which require a 1/2npt to -10AN male fitting.  This makes for a messy oil return setup with more fittings than necessary and more leak points than necessary.  We also include the gaskets, short studs, and hardware for bolting up the turbo, turbo manifold, and doing the coolant bypass.  All of the metal for the piping is locally purchased and locally CNC mandrel bent.  As an added bonus we now offer a thermostat housing rotator to make installing your FMIC piping a breeze.

The Combo:

2JZ-GTE Cast Manifold Kit1

Like previously mentioned we've been developing this kit for 6 years now so we have a very good idea of what combo works in what way.  Our BASE turbo kit includes the Precision billet CEA 6266 turbocharger and this exact kit with a 3” downpipe and 3” exhaust has produced 750whp on our in house dynojet dynomometer. On pump gas 91 octane and the stock ECU, we see about 450whp before the stock fuel system runs out of capacity. With our Stage 1 AEM stand alone complete with a tune, and our Aquamist methanol setup we can achieve about 500-550whp on pump gas and meth depending on intake manifold and cams. With a larger fuel system, and the AEM Infinity or ProEFI ECU kit we sell, you can achieve 750whp with no engine modifications whatsoever on E85 or race gas!  Step up to the 6466 and you'll see the SAME spool up and 900whp capacity.  If you are looking for more than 900whp, we can help you with that!  Just give us a call and we'll help you spec a setup that makes the power you want.  Once we get past about 900whp, the cams and intake manifold need to be matched to the turbo and we're experts at getting it all setup.



Please review our 2JZ Cast Turbo Kit FAQ page to find answers to commonly asked questions.












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