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E46 M3 Turbo Part 6

Created on Thursday, 04 April 2013 22:22


We have turbocharged this car, un-turbocharged this car, and tried a myriad of different combinations of intake and exhaust manifolds, turbo sizes from 62mm all the way up to 80mm, and so many different things in between.  In our latest iterations of our painfully exhausting research and development, you can see, and hear, the fruits of our labor working with the perfect intake manifold.  We were not only able to build an intake manifold that could handle tremendous boost and top end power, but we managed to boost power and torque naturally aspirated, too!.  Combined with precise, true closed loop VANOS control, we are seeing power and consistency never before available to the E46 turbo world.  This intake manifold, with a short ram or cold air intake, will shortly be available in our online webstore for those running stand alone engine management naturally aspirated (or turbo!)and looking for maximum power and a sound that can ONLY come from a hand fabricated Aluminum intake manifold; plastic or carbon fiber couldn't come close!  Our turbo kit is already installed and running but we wanted to share this sound.