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E46 M3 Turbo Part 5

Created on Friday, 30 November 2012 00:01



We've got great news!  The FSR E46 M3 S54 tubular turbo manifolds are finalized and ready to go!  We've been working on the design and implementation for over a year now to make sure we got things right.  After a number of variations and changes, our S54 tubular turbo manifolds are already shipping.  We've got multiple projects in the shop receiving these tubular turbo manifolds already shooting for big numbers.  Read on to find out more about what went into this masterpiece, and what sets our turbo manifold apart from the rest!



It all begins with a carefully designed head flange.  Many of the flanges on the market today have several attributes that make them overweight, high prone to warping, or likely to leak over time.  While we can't reveal all of our secrets, this precisely designed flange matches the ports within a thousandth of an inch and for good reason; precision is key to horsepower!

From there, we spent a long time working on turbo placement.  We wanted the turbo to be mounted as high up as possible for efficient charge piping, intake piping, and oiling reasons.  From there, we worked the turbo as close to the block as possible with consideration of weight distribution in the engine bay; the E46 M3 is a precisely designed vehicle and our tubular turbo manifold was only going to enhance that!  We ended up with a location that allows for a large intake pipe, 4" downpipe, highly efficient wastegate routing, and a simple oiling system for turbo reliability.


The collector is really a work of art.  Due to space constraints it is very short which means precision is absolutely imperative!  With precise cuts, we're able to build a super high flow 6-1 undivided t4 collector using large 1.5" sch stainless pipe.  We're able to get all of the advantages of a true merge collector on the end of a tubular turbo manifold and especially important is the 1.5" piping within the tight space constraints. We would not compromise by dropping down to the much easier to work with, cheaper, flow inhibiting 1.25" pipe.

The actual fabrication of the FSR S54 tubular turbo manifold is a long process.  Being that we custom build so many parts on a daily basis, this tubular turbo manifold manifold, while challenging, was something we were excited to tackle.  Here you can see a few pictures of the process and why our builds come out so clean and so consistent.  We spend a lot of time making sure we have the equipment and material to get the job done right.  If you look at things as simple as the prep work of the metal before it is welded, and extrapolate that across the entire build, you'll see how much detail work we put into each and every part we manufacture.

Here are a couple pictures of the FSR S54 tubular turbo manifold installed on our E46 M3.  As you can see, t fits nicely and looks stunning in the engine bay, without requiring the re-engineering necessary if you were to try to run a top mount.  We have manufactured the air pump block off plates and built stainless steel braided oil return lines for the valve cover.

It wouldn't be an FSR tubular turbo manifold unless it looked the part, and boy, does it ever!  Like every other FSR product, we put excruciating time and energy into the design, integration, and finished look of everything we make and sell.  The benefit of purchasing your horsepower products from a company with an in house dyno is that we are able to easily and repeatedly test our products to make sure they are the pinnacle of performance, fit, reliability, and value.

 If you have any questions regarding our FSR S54 tubular turbo manifold, please call or email us:  909.949.0550 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 These are exclusively available through FSR or Sound Performance for in house installations and tuning!